3037 California Blvd., Napa, CA
Phone/Fax 707.255.0902


NAPA VALLEY CANDLE FACTORY AND GIFT SHOP, located in the heart of the Napa Valley, has been a WHOLESALE AND RETAIL outlet for over 25 years featuring a large assortment of hand-crafted candles in many sizes, fragrances and colors. Pillar sizes range from a 2" x 3" to a 9" x 20" candle that weighs in at 40 pounds.

THE NAPA VALLEY CANDLE FACTORY AND GIFT SHOP provides candle services to Wineries, Restaurants and Special Interest Groups in addition to the General Public.

also offers a large selection of candle accessories
including unique styles of glass, brass and wood products.
Other favorite items include:

Tapers Special Occasion Candles
Novelties Wedding Products
Candle Holders Holiday Candles
Factory Seconds Unity Candles
Candle Making Supplies Votives

and perhaps your Special request...

Table Lamps

In addition to their candle making, the NAPA VALLEY CANDLE FACTORY AND GIFT SHOP features Restaurant Table Lamp Products and Services. Their table lamps adorn dining tables of quality restaurants throughout the country.

Restaurant Table Lamps are a perfect blend of:

New designer lamp styles that are dramatic, unusual and illuminating
that will enhance any decor.

Economic Simplicity
The longest burning time of any lamp with 100% usage!
No spills - No leaks - No cleanup - No waste

Automatic snuffer extinguishes the flame instantly if knocked over!
Safe to store and contents not under pressure.

The Heart of the Restaurant Table Lamp is the patented,
totally disposable, non-pressurized fuel cartridge.
It is a clean, odorless burn!

MasterCard and Visa accepted

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call or fax 707.255.0902
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