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The Satchel News:

The Satchel News is a new quarterly publication printed and mailed each March, June, September & December. In each issue, you will find:

A Word from the Editor
My personal traveling experiences.
We will pay $25.00 for each travel article we print that has been written and submitted by our subscribers. It should be no more than three hundred words and submitted to us at least thirty days before the next publication.
Share Your Opinions
This is the place for you to write to us about your travel recommendations, good or bad. We will publish as many as can reasonably fit.
The Bulletin Board
Send us your particular travel questions to be published for direct answers from our subscribers. We will include your name and telephone number if you prefer to be personally contacted. Otherwise answers will appear in the next publication.
The Marketplace
Would you like to advertise your vacation rental or find a place to stay on your own vacation? E-mail for more information about advertising. If you become a subscriber, this is a free service.

The Satchel Directory

As a subscriber, you will be included in our Satchel Directory, which is alphabetized according to state. We list your name, telephone number and/or e-mail address, age range, your most-preferred methods of travel, three of your most-preferred destinations, your favorite activities, and your special interests. If it's O.K., we'll include your town -- you can tell us on the subscription form. (We will not print your street address.)

When you receive your copy, all you have to do is choose those whose interests best match yours and make the telephone calls.

We will update and reprint the Satchel Directory once a year in December. But, if you miss the November deadline, so all new subscribers throughout the year can be included, you will be listed in the following issue of the quarterly Satchel News .

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